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1/22/2018 - CB / King Thompson REALTORS (Columbus, OH)
1/22/2018 - CB / King Thompson REALTORS (Columbus, OH)
Real Estate/Continuing Education
Real Estate/Continuing Education
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Real Estate/Continuing Education
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Elective Credit
   * Strategies for "Handling" Difficult Situations
   * Topical "Potpourri"
   * Understanding Generational Differences (5 hr)
   * Understanding New Valuation Requirements and Realities
One Hour Courses (New!)
   * Don't Be A Victim! (Safety course)
   * Strategies for "Handling" Difficult Situations
Core Law
   * "Dis-Clue-Sure"
   * Ethics: Raising the Bar in Real Estate
Fair Housing / Civil Rights
   * Fair Housing for People with Disabilities
   * Fair Housing in a Multi-Cultural Marketplace
   * Fair Housing: Checking Your "F/H" IQ
   * REBAC / Real Estate Prof. Assistant Course (Elective)
   * REBAC / Representing the eeee-Buyer (Elective)
   * REBAC/ Innovative Marketing Techniques (Elective)
Is That Your Final Answer? - A Negotiation Course
30 Hour CE - Package option 1
Identity & Data Breach Concerns in Real Estate
Negotiation: Cues, Myths & Mistakes
"Effective Offers" - Applying the RULES!
Your License at "RISK!"
Identity & Information Breach Conerns in Real Estate
Is Your Consumer "Overweight?"
"Meth" Concerns in Real Estate
Silent Killers! Radon & Mold Risk Reduction
Is Your "SAM" in Order? .. (Social, Advertising, Marketing)
Cultural Diversity "Faux Pas"
Environmental Hazards in Real Estate
Negligence, Misrep & the Unauthorized Practice of Law
Consumer & Licensee SAFETY Issues in Real Estate
Integrating the "Old" Ways, with "New"
10 Hr. Sales Post & Broker's Post Licensure Course/ Req'd
Sales (& Broker) 10 Hr. Req'd Post class
Detailing the Job, or ... What We DO! (4 hr.)
Agency: Duties/Risk & Consumer Issues (4 Hr)
Consultative Professionalism
Keeping it Legal! Contracts, Confidentiality, Counters &More
Keeping it Legal! Contracts, Confidentiality, Counters &More
Updates and Risk Reduction
Ethics: Our Pathway to Professionalism
Frauds, Scammers, Identity Theft & Fiduciary Concerns in R/E